Resonance Artist Talk

15 Oct 2015

Responding to a request from U3A, Borderline conducted an artist talk for the 2015 Borderline Exhibition at the SRAG “Resonance”.  

Out president Helen Turrisi gave an introduction to Borderline.  Our vice president Theo Gard gave an adaptation of his opening night speech on ‘Resonance’, then we walked the floor between the works of the following Borderline artists who were willing and able to participate:  Elspeth Cameron, Maggie Brockie, Norm Clayton, Raylee Delaney, Pam Docherty, Theo Gard, Judy Harris, Louise Jenkins, Nola Taylor, Gabriele Trabucco, Helen Turrisi 

Each artist was given the opportunity to connect with the public – introduce themselves, and talk about their work – eg conception/inspirations/method.

There was a real glimpse into the impressive depth of integrity in each artist, as well as the diversity within the group.

Feedback to SRAG from U3A included “It was one of the best occasions I’ve been to”, and “I learned so much from the artists.  They conveyed their passion so fluently.”

Being asked to articulate something of an artist’s process, can be invigorating and enlightening for the artist themselves as well as the audience.  The shared experience, will no doubt resonate for some time!

The following images were taken on the day:

Resonance Artist Talk 1

Judy Harris (above), Pam Docherty (below):

2015-10-15 Resonance Artist Talk2

Raylee Delaney (left), Theo Gard (centre), Nola Taylor (above right), Elspeth Cameron (below right)

2015-10-15 Resonance Artist Talk3

Gabrielle Trabucco (in the hat), Helen Turrisi (above right), Maggie Brockie (below right)

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