Liz Powell

self imageI usually work with paper, my own plant fibre product as well as commercially made, but I will stitch, print, draw, paint, dye, glue, rivet or construct in many materials to communicate the idea I am working on. This can also include found objects, metal, fabric and fibre. All this adds up to a wide experience in mixed media forms. It has also meant the production of a diverse body of work for exhibition but my work always has a basis of research at its core and an abiding interest in history and science, often combined. I am deeply interested in looking at the history of an idea, the growth of human knowledge and how it affects our interpretations of the world.
Paper makers often become book binders. I make books for the joy of the materials and fun with the form, as well as interrogating an idea.I use traditional forms taken with a twist, altered books changed in all sorts of ways, three dimensional and action books, and generally stretch the definition of the book. Three dimensional construction is a natural partner with books and I combine my papers with mixed media and push the idea of container as far as it will go. The ‘boxes’ may unfold into segments, expand or collapse, have drawers doors and compartments, contain other books, modelling and casting elements, combined with found objects and fibre, and be all sorts of forms from satchels to suitcases.
I also work with fabric in combination with my paper, which I dye using plants and indigo, rust holes into and tear up, and combine with found objects and other techniques and media. I enjoy ‘deconstructing materials’. The range of media I work with feeds into my ‘palette’ which is in effect the walls of my studio.
Coupled with my broad experience as an art educator I am able to offer workshops for beginners and the more experienced in a variety of techniques.
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