Nola Sindel - 'An Arrangement of Eucalyptus Fruits and Leaves'

Nola Sindel – ‘An Arrangement of Eucalyptus Fruits and Leaves’

Nola Sindel

Although always interested in botany and animals and in painting, it is only after retiring in 2002 from a career in education that I incorporated these into wildlife and botanical art.  It has been through gardening, bush walking and observing native wildlife that I developed this interest and now endeavour to capture the living world in my art.  It is the fine detail and colour that I admire, and I quite like the clarity and precision needed in this form of art and illustration.  By focusing on botanical and wildlife art I have become more observant and aware. I am particularly interested in the way light changes colour and tone in nature and endeavour to use light to give impact and interest to my work. As I work in watercolour, graphite and colour pencil media, I can include fine detail to display the essence of each living species.  Recently my interest has included a return to post graduate study in natural resources.  I am a member of the Queensland Botanical Artists’ Society, Botanical Artists Society of Australia, Queensland Wildlife Artists’ Society and Borderline Regional Artists’ Association Inc.  Although not formally trained in visual arts, participation in a number of workshops , visiting galleries and exhibitions, and studying art books has allowed me to gain skills and experience in drawing and painting. Gillian Rankin (Brisbane) and David Mackay (Armidale) in particular have had most positive influences in the development of my art.

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