The 2015 Borderline Exhibition at the SRAG called “Resonance” has now finished.

The aim of the exhibition “Resonance” was to show artworks which have the qualities of richness, strength, and variety, and which evoke a deep and lasting response from the viewing public. 

Further information about the stimulus for Borderline members can be viewed at the bottom of page.

Opening Night Speakers:  Nicola Holly – SRAG Manager, Helen Turrisi – Borderline’s President, and Theo Gard – Borderline’s Vice President.

Click here for information and images on the Resonance Artist Talk.

Resonance Opening Night collage

Resonance Opening Night 25 Sep 2015

The Resonance sub-committee was comprised of Louise Jenkins, John Donnelly, and Nola Sindel.

A word from the sub-committee about “Resonance” (intended as stimulus for artists when conceptualising works for the exhibition):

As an artist, it is a natural part of our process, that we resonate in response to the subject both visually and conceptually, the media itself, even the simple potency of the elements and principles of design.  It is easy to consider that to be enough.  In selecting the ‘Resonance’ theme, we are hoping to remind artists that the power of the artwork in a public arena relies on the artist’s ability to extend that resonance through the work, to share the artist’s invocation with the viewer – and perhaps even stir up a new set of impulses, triggering the viewer’s unique experiences.

There are a number of meanings of the word often relating to sound (from which the word is derived) and physics, but our use would be more metaphorical.

The following phrases relating to resonance have been extracted from several internet dictionaries.

  • Richness or significance, especially in evoking an association or strong emotion.
  • A quality of richness or variety
  • A quality of evoking response .
  • Something with resonance has a deep tone or a powerful lasting effect.
  • a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people 
  • a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character 
  • the quality in a sound (or an image in our case) of being deep, full, and reverberating: the resonance of his voice (image).  
  • the power to evoke enduring images, memories, and emotions: the concepts gain an emotional resonance

Some usage in sentences

Harry’s personal conflicts become the central focus, and the emotional resonance is sufficient to power the film.

Instead of the usual light-hearted romp, this performance found power and emotional resonance in the music.

They are completely unaware of who this monument celebrates or what its significance is; yet the image’s resonance is not lost on its audience.

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