Maryke Miller

I started my potting career in my early thirties and it was love on first feel of the Clay.
I love the creative side of working with Clay , the endless possibilities of the medium.
Wheel work and glazing have always been my specialty using Porcelain and Stoneware Clays with Hand building some pieces always making a nice change.
I enjoy using Coloured Glazes together to create Landscape effects that have a vibrancy about them.
After moving to Stanthorpe I have also branched out into low temperature ware 1000C. using Organic materials for Colour and Texture with colours ranging from Black to Greys , Pinks and Oranges and other random colours . I enjoy this process called Saggar Firing very much as results can be unpredictable and surprising.
A couple of years ago I built a  Raku Kiln as Raku Firing has always interested me as well. I feel I still have a way to go before I will be fully happy with the results but I am enjoying the journey.

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