Louise Jenkins

After spending time in Europe, the Pacific Islands and traveling throughout Australia, I have based myself just east of the township of Tenterfield in NSW.  My nomadic nature is still very much active – however now it is experienced through my Art instead of my feet.

In the same way that I explore realism techniques to be harnessed for semi-abstract work, I am also interested in pure abstract.  That is why I am currently exploring acrylic pouring.

Interestingly the comparatively short time of actual paint application for acrylic pours creates its own challenges.  There is not a lot of ‘learning time’ to understand the dynamics involved with engineering a desirable outcome when applying fluids.  Lately I have concentrated my efforts on setting up conditions where the natural physics can be allowed to champion a work which meets my criteria.  It is about understanding the effect of preconditions and application techniques so that I can be confident in the outcome without feeling forced to interfere/manipulate a ‘fix’.  There is still an element of surprise, however since I have given it parameters, I know to expect happy surprises, not be met with unexpected disappointment.  Similar to the challenges of painting with watercolour, it requires fostering self-discipline to allow the medium to exercise its strengths.  I have created quite a lot of paintings to ensure a large enough ‘learning time’ to achieve this, and I am very satisfied that I have met my goals.

I have a number of finished works available for sale, and am also available for commission work in charcoal, watercolour, pastel and acrylic.
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Louise Jenkins Art Exhibition at Robert Channon Wines

Louise Jenkins – Acrylic Abstracts for sale 31.5cm x 13.5cm