Jayne Barrett

The main influence on my art practice has been the natural environment and for the last 20 years, that has been the border region of NSW and QLD. 

My artistic journey began many years ago with paper making and bookbinding. Subsequently, I developed a passion for photography. After amassing a significant number of images I felt a need to push things further and began explorations in printmaking, incorporating drawing and hand colouring and eco-dying. In recent times the “virtual world” has become another contributing influence in my artistic journey.

Along the way, I also became a collector of both natural and manufactured materials, many of which have found their way into unique, beautiful, quirky and sometimes functional artworks.

Each piece has its own narrative and journey and each has been a mix of intention, experimentation and happy accident. Many works are layered, with the use of multiple processes and techniques.  Each piece speaks to me and of my experience of this world at this time.

Jayne Barrett


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