Jayne Barrett

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and “Waste not, want not” are sayings that best sum why I am an artist.

Living in the country on a farm, I’m greatly influenced by the natural environment and also the manmade one. Things that surround me, be it old hardwood fence posts, rusty wire or fallen gum leaves will be used to create paper, unique books and  functional wire art. Every piece of my work is more than its self, each component has its own history, and combined, these create a new narrative.

My work incorporates the use of natural fibers ( silk,cotton,wool )  wood and wire. I manipulate these elements to create pieces that are visually appealing, but also have a level of functionality.

Most recently I have been exploring the natural world with my work with eco dyeing and printing.

Although basically self-taught, I have been greatly influenced by the work of Keith Smith, Heide Kyle and India Flint in particular.

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