Janet White

I started potting in 2003 whilst living in Nevada, USA.  I took a class in ceramics at the local community college then a two-week Summer school in nearby Tuscarora (a place as captivating as its name).  I was hooked.  The ability to transform an amorphous lump of clay into a vessel was immensely satisfying.

Since coming back to Australia in 2004, I’ve studied wherever I can – firstly in Brisbane, privately, then at Southbank TAFE and the Brisbane Institute of Art.  After moving to Tenterfield in 2010 I completed Certificate3 in Ceramics at Glen Innes TAFE.
In 2012 I was introduced to rakuware and firing.  Unlike traditional kiln firing there is no delayed gratification in raku.  You pull glowing pieces out of the kiln at 1000°C, cover in sawdust for 10 minutes, then plunge in cold water – success or failure is known within half an hour.
Whilst most of my pieces are thrown on a wheel I do a bit of hand-­building too – I like making creatures (honey-­possums, echidnas, sheep!).
An earlier life was in the fields of geology and environmental consultancy.  Part of my love for pottery is that I use some of that long untapped mineral and chemical knowledge when making glazes and firing pieces.  It’s volcanic activity in miniature and sped up.
At present designs on my pieces are inspired by nature or architecture.  I particularly like sgraffito (carving) the works.  It can’t be rushed, you have to take your time – meditative and relaxing to do.

Since September 2014 I have been a member of Artists’ Collective Studio in Tenterfield.

Contact:  Janet White


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