The Borderline members only exhibition “Shine” at the Glenn Innes Art Gallery closed in Nov 2011.

Now that the Shine exhibition is over, the votes for Peoples’ Choice have been counted.  Linda Nye’s acrylic painting ‘Dust Stirrers’ is the winner.  Congratulations Linda!  Coming second was Louise Jenkins’ acrylic work ‘Three Trees, Kilmarnock’, and third was Nola Sindel’s coloured pencil drawing ‘Raptor’ .

Here are some of the works which were on exhibit.

Three Trees Kilmarnock

Louise Jenkins’ ‘Three Trees, Kilmarnock’

Kilmarnock Pig Pens

Louise Jenkins’ ‘Kilmarnock Pig Pens’


Louise Jenkins

‘Kilmarnock’ is a sheep property via Nullamanna, Inverell.  There is something special about the ‘feel’ of the place – the very air is charged with energy.  Stretching over thousands of acres of harsh and unforgiving country is a land of great beauty.

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