A Brush with Verse 2014

A Brush with Verse 2014


A Brush with Verse 2014 winner Linda Nye with ‘Spiritual Song of the Aborigine’


Nola Sindel with ‘Shady Lady’

An outstanding achievement by Borderline members (indicated in bold), led by Linda Nye who won the council’s $1500 acquisition with ‘Spiritual Song of the Aborigine’.

“To quote the Art Judge, Helen Grant, editor of the Australian Artist magazine:

This is a genuine effort from a small, dedicated arts community.  Tenterfield has been underestimated and is earning its place as one of the best arts communities in the New England North West.  More local artists could have taken advantage of the opportunity the acquisition prize presents.  You have to be in it to win it!  Any serious Tenterfield collection of local art should feature Nye, Sindel and Janet White, but there are also others out there whose names can be added to this list.  It would be interesting to see some of the poetry exhibited as a work of art in itself , such as with calligraphy, collage etc.  Perhaps a particular bush poet could be featured each year.”
“On to the Honourable mentions
1. Emerging Artist – Louise Jenkins. This artist is showing great potential – gaining experience on the brush and retaining an original, imaginative approach which is
becoming her style.
2. Brush with Verse (poem with artwork) – Janet White. The exhibit works well within the context of the exhibition. Moody and meaningful, drawing you in as you wander
3. Original poem by Alan Rose.
4. Interesting example of portraiture – Linda Clutterbuck –  ‘Fay’.
5. Interesting interpretation of a subject – Louise Jenkins – ‘Quest for the Warwick Gold Cup’.
6. Interesting use of a medium (watercolour) – Emily Coelli – ‘Orphan Child’.
7. Interesting 3D exhibit – Janet White – ‘Quantum Sheep’.
8. Classic Australiana – Gay Johnson-Andersen (Man from Snowy River).”
The Regional Painting Prize was awarded to Louise Jenkins for ‘Kilmarnock Car Yard’.
“A clever piece with great movement, spontaneity and originality.  There is thinking outside the square here. Good use of colour and technique.  An unusual subject interpreted well to communicate a narrative.”
The Minor open Prize was awarded to Janet White‘s exhibit ‘Fifty Throws of Clay’.
“Interesting exercise in compositional elements hinged together with the strength of tonal design.  Competence in the craft together with artistic understanding. A minimalist interpretation in a unified set, balanced in shape, size and pattern.   These pieces act as one – strength in numbers.”
The Major open prize was awarded to Nola Sindel for ‘Shady Lady’.
“Fine, practiced workmanship with obvious competence in the genre; lovingly done with balance and sophistication”
Tenterfield Shire’s Acquisition Award for 2014.  Congratulations Linda Nye for your painting ‘Spiritual Song of the Aborigine’.
“Eye-catching contemporary interpretation of the Australian landscape; eloquent use of colour, symbolism and linear elements.  An experienced technique with the medium producing textural complexity within its overall mastery of simplicity and under-statement”.


The Hangers’ Prize, sponsored by Borderline, went to young artist Sahara Bulich – ‘Magic in the Night’.


Janet White with ‘Fifty Throws of Clay’


Louise Jenkins with Tenterfield Shire Council General Manager Lotta Jackson

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