Borderline Regional Arts are honoured to have secured the expertise of 4 expert Printmakers for their series of workshops running March through June 2021. Watch for details of the travelling Exhibition that is planned to follow this series.

March 6th and 7th kicked off the series with SAM SOSNOWSKI sharing the intricacies of MOKOLITO, a Japanese printmaking process.

Mokulito is a revelation as it manages to combine the graphic qualities of Japanese woodblock with the tonality of stone lithography. Mokulito enables the blending of litho tones and sharp woodcut marks on the same piece of substrate using a wide range of drawing materials directly on the surface of the plywood without the use of acids, etches or turpentine.

Space is now available for PHOTO SILK SCREEN PRINTING with ANNE LEON on April 17th and 18th.

To book contact Liz at spaces are limited.

Discover the joy of designing and printing your own images onto fabric, paper or timber, over a weekend. This workshop is suitable for beginners, or the more experienced artist who wishes to explore the medium further. A comprehensive range of processes for screen-printing will be covered, including the art of hand-cut stencils, photo-emulsion application, stripping your screen, and printing with solvent-free inks onto your choice of substrates: from  t-shirts and textiles to  paper and  plywood. We will also include a demonstration of transferring screen-printed decal images onto ceramics! Once you have made your screen and stencils, the fun begins!

Anne Leon

10/4/21 … BOOKINGS NOW OPEN !!!!

May 22nd and 23rd Borderline will host MONO PRINTING AND DRYPOINT with SANDRA PEARCE.

In this 2 day workshop, we will work with two different printing techniques to create unique and complex imagery.

On the first day we will explore monotypes using plants, stencils and other found materials to create one-of-a-kind and often unexpected images, experimenting with colour and mark -making.

On the second day our focus will be using Drypoint plates to create imagery to compliment our monoprints from the first day, layering and playing to achieve meaningful and diverse prints.

When: 22nd and 23rd May 2021

Where: Wallangarra Hall, Wallangarra QLD

Costs:    Members $190

               Non Members $220

Limit of 10 People. All materials  provided. Non members fees automatically entitles them to become members of Borderline for one year.

For enrolments please email Krishna Heffernan or contact her at 0408221771

And June 12th & 13th will bring WAYNE SINGLETON to us to share LINO PRINTING.

No prior knowledge of printmaking is required. Linoleum printing, as a form of relief block printing, is one of the most accessible and direct of all the printmaking methods. Linocuts can be simple and graphic, or as intricately detailed as you want. It’s a subtractive process, meaning that you cut away – or subtract – the areas you do not want to print with ink. You should feel confident in your ability to undertake this workshop and expect to enjoy yourself while learning or expanding your understanding of the printmaking technique.

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